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Welcome to My Thinking Mind!

Message from the Author…

These 5 Colourful books encourage self awareness by developing positive self esteem / self imagery, self responsibility and goal setting. They are appropriate for all ages from birth to 100 years and beyond, however they are primarily designed for children aged 1 to 10.

Whether read to you or by you, these positive self imagery tools are wonderful for us all. They are best read, at least at first, from book 1 through to 5 as these positive principles build on one another as the series proceeds.

The more they are read, the more familiar the processes will become. Read them every day and these positive, productive thinking processes will become habit.

“These happy colourful books will do more for your child’s happiness than you can imagine. The thinking skills they learn from these joyful words and pictures will serve them all their lives.”

Read them together and you will grow together.

Yours Joyfully,

Donna Sheehan