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“We’ve been teaching our kids what to think for decades,
even centuries, these eBooks will teach them how to think!”


“My Thinking Mind” eBook Series
RRP $9.95 per eBook**Special** get the whole set for just $9.95 ($49.75 value!)

We are currently giving these ebooks away for free
as we want them to help as many kids as possible.

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    “The ‘My Thinking Mind’ series of books written and illustrated by Donna are simply wonderful. Great for kids because they are easy to read and have really sound concepts that I believe everyone can benefit from. The quality of the publication is excellent, bright colours, high quality stock and easy illustrations make this a great series of early reading tools for children. I think they should be in every child care centre, kindergarten and pre- school / prep class in Australia as they are a great Early Childhood development tool.”
    Natasha Manley, Company director and mother of two


    Who Am II Am Me

    Book 1

    Demonstrates the importance of self awareness by acknowledging thoughts, feelings, imagination, actions and environment as valid parts of one’s self.


    Being Happy No WorriesBe Happy

    Book 2

    Teaches positive thinking by showing how happy and unhappy thoughts affect our emotions for good or sad.


    My Mind And MeMy Mind And Me

    Book 3

    Encourages responsibility by showing that you can choose what you think. What you think becomes what you feel and what you feel determines how you act.


    Decide What You WantDecide What You Want

    Book 4

    Teaches that you can decide what you want by paying attention to what you feel when you think about things.


    Changing Your MindChanging Your Mind

    Book 5

    Apply what you’ve learned to take positive action and grow your self image deliberately.