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Hi, My Name is Donna Sheehan.

I am a full time home Mum. Prior to having my own children I worked as a Childcare Assistant, as both a live in and live out Nanny and a Gymboree teacher.

The My Thinking Mind Series was designed to show kids how they can choose to be happy and joyful.

After beginning my own journey of study into the application of the human thought process I had a strong desire to have tools that were developmentally appropriate to present this information to my own children who were 2 and 4 years old. I took this new found information and my experience in childcare and created these books as a learning tool for my children. After a fabulous response from my children and my niece and nephew I decided to share them with as many children as possible by publishing them.

These books are a wonderful first step to teach kids and parents alike how to have a positive self-esteem, how to be self responsible and how to know what you want and set a goal to get it.

The caricature in these books is based on the ‘Mind Stick Figure’ Originated by Dr Thurman Fleet in 1934 and is used in it’s original format to teach these principles to adults. I first discovered this figure through the teachings of Bob Proctor. The purpose of the Mind Stick Figure is to give us a mental picture of our mind and how it affects us.

I wish for you all happy parenthood and happy childhood.

Yours Gratefully and Very Excited about Life,

Donna Sheehan